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cbd lotion for stress

Ania's Review

This amazing cbd product is one of my very favorites. It applies so smoothly, helps out pain and the essential oil scent is very relaxing on top of that! I cannot recommend it enough.


Tracy's Review

I just wanted to leave a review of what we call around our house, the miracle lotion! Katrina Lomas has an amazing product that she makes, which is her cbd lotions! These jars of pure amazingness are used multiple times a day by all of us in our household! I am a wife and mother of three children, and those lotions are a lifesaver. Her insomnia blend cbd lotion is applied to our children’s legs and back every night before bed and no more growing pains or bad dreams! They sleep like babies and wake up extremely well-rested! I have serious issues with social anxiety and depression, so I use Kat’s anxiety blend twice a day! I apply it to my chest and the tip of my nose, and anywhere that aches! My forehead for headaches, my lower back, and abdomen during my menstrual cycles, or anytime in between! I also recently got a tattoo done and started to have an allergic reaction to the A&D ointment I was using to keep the skin clean and moisturized. I developed a red rash with itchy zit-like bumps. I tried Kat’s insomnia cbd lotion, since it has lavender essential oils in it, and the itching and burning were gone within 30 minutes! The redness was severely reduced within an hour, and the bumps were gone within 2 days! These lotions she makes are such an important staple in our house, we would be lost without them!

Thank you for making such an amazing product that works and is kid-safe and toxin-free!!!! ♥️♥️♥️

trauma life cheaper

Nathalie's Review

I am an absolute believer in wounded soul. I have rheumatoid arthritis just about everywhere. I'm on heavy-duty meds and sometimes those meds just don't cut it. There are times I can't get to sleep because of the pain in my knees and ankles. I keep wounded soul next to my bed and before I even know it, I'm fast asleep. I love this product. It has helped me so much. 

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We are a Christian family who understands how much a mental health condition and suicide can severely impact the human mind and the entire family. 

Our clients have found our homemade products to be helpful for pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress. 

Ultimately, we believe that Jesus Christ is the best doctor. You may feel weary and troubled today, but it is written "more than conquerors we are through Him who loved us". 

If no light in your darkness can be found like I once thought, I want you to know there is light when you look to the saviour and life more abundant and free. I promise.



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