about us

We all have a story to tell, this is my story.  And from this story is how 40-Sec's story began.

A picture is worth a thousand words, words to describe how I was feeling in this picture below would be happy, content, at peace and I'd even go as far as saying loving me for whom God made me be. But my life wasn't always this way.


In 2011, I started experiencing different life-altering emotions I'd never dealt with before after giving birth to my first son. Depression, anxiety, and insomnia had taken over my life. When I had my first mommy and baby wellness check, the doctor asked about how I was feeling. Embarrassed and ashamed, I answered, "I feel like ending my life and harming my son". The doctors assured me I would get better if I took the medications they prescribed to me. One medication for anxiety disorder, one medication for PTSD, one medication for depression and one medication for bipolar disorder. 


Being on so many medications and on dangerously high dosages made me a version of myself that my family and I did not recognize anymore. Not only did the meds not help, but I developed brain poisoning. 


After finding this out, I began studying "natural alternatives" to medicine. Turning to nature and food as medicine is what ancient civilizations have been doing for thousands of years, so why couldn't I? The first step to this healing process was self-forgiveness because, the resentment or unforgiveness I was holding towards this mental health condition was causing resentment, anger, rage, and animosity. These emotions release toxic chemicals into the human body.

Secondly, I changed my diet to whole-foods and plant-based. Within one week, I had more energy, I seemed happier, my sleep patterns were more normal than they had ever been. Even the teachers at my kids' school noticed a difference in the way my kids behaved (yes, the kids made the leap to a vegan diet). They had more focus, they were calmer, and in turn, got more work done in the classroom! Third, I turned to nature. Meaning essential oils, energy healing through crystals and stones, high-quality pure cbd oil, herbal supplements, and tinctures. Fourth, I had to change the way I thought-- "toxic thoughts produce toxic ... Tonic thoughts produce tonic... The best science of our time is now showing that every organ in the human body has the ability to heal itself, given the right conditions and environment. Even the organs we were told could not. So what were those conditions? Some of them are environmental. Things like water and air, the quality of our food, the supplements we take and the herbal products that our ancestors understood and used.

After one month, I was off all my medications and learning who I was again--the person I once knew before depression and anxiety became unwelcomed guests in my life. Since making these changes, I no longer have those debilitating thoughts of suicide anymore that was once an everyday occurrence. 

When I learned that suicide had become an epidemic in the world, (every 40 seconds, one person takes their own life by suicide) due to depression and anxiety I decided to share my story, sell the goods that helped me and educate those around me. With all the proceeds of every sale, I donate to AFSP so together, we can fight against suicide.


2-18-1997 - 6-3 2019

In loving memory of my cousin Natasha Vashchenko, who lost her fight to suicide.