Processed Meat and Cancer

The World Health Organization has classified processed meat such as bacon and sausage as a group one carcinogen, (the same group as cigarettes, asbestos, and plutonium) directly involved in causing cancer in humans. They also classified red meat as a group two carcinogens. TWHO has looked at over 800 studies from 10 different countries, finding a direct link to consuming processed meat and cancer.

Processed meat includes hotdogs, bacon, sausage, salami, ham, pepperoni, cold cuts and dili slices. If this continues, in the next 25 years, one out of every three Americans will have diabetes.

What About Chicken??

Dr. Michael Klaper says the food that he would eliminate from the American diet would be poultry. (Turkey and chicken) People think that because it's white meat and not red, that it's healthier. The leading source of sodium, in the American diet for adults is chicken. It can be labeled "all-natural chicken" but, its injected with salt water--up to 800 milligrams of sodium! If too much sodium is ingested in your regular diet, it will damage the walls of your blood vessels and predispose you to develop high blood pressure or hypertension.

Heterocyclic amines (a chemical that is formed when meat, poultry, or fish is cooked at high temperatures, such as frying, broiling, and barbecuing) are clear-cut carcinogens.

Research was done by going into fast food and family restaurants. Not only were there carcinogens in every single restaurant, but they found them in every single chicken sample that they took. If somebody brings their family in, and they're buying a bucket of chicken, essentially, they are sitting down to consume cancer together. These restaurants, among others, were researched and tested and all came back positive in selling carcinogens in their food.

But the American Cancer Society urges people to switch from red and processed meat to chicken. Why would the ACS tell people to switch from eating one carcinogenic food to another, when a Harvard University study showed that men with prostate cancer who eat large amounts of chicken, increase their risk of the disease progressing by four times!

So What About Eggs?

I never really thought about eggs much. I just thought of them as a standard part of a healthy diet. But, then a study was done suggesting that eating just one egg a day can be as bad as smoking five cigarettes per day for life expectancy! But, why? The yolk of a hens egg is the most concentrated glom of saturated fat and cholesterol. It is made to run a baby chicken for 21 days with no outside energy--it is pure fat and cholesterol. When we put that into our bloodstream, it coats our red blood cells. Our blood gets thicker and viscous. It changes our hormone levels. It raises our cholesterol levels. There is nothing healthy about eating the yolk of the egg.


When it comes to fish, you've got four worries, which are PCBs, mercury, saturated fat and cholesterol. Fish essentially has become mercury sponges. And that why in many parts of the country they warn you, "don't have more than so many of these fish a week" because getting too much mercury can kill you.

Fish are eaten by bigger fish who are eaten by bigger fish, and these pesticides or, herbicides bioaccumulate in the flesh and these big fish, including the salmon, which people think is the healthiest fish. The truth is the number of pesticides and herbicides in the flesh of these fish are shocking, and they have estrogenic and cancer-promoting properties in them.

Farmed fish is by no means healthier. All the antibiotics that these animals have to be fed. (similar to chickens and turkeys) Kept in confinement, these fish get infections. They get fungal infections, they get bacterial infections. They have to be fed anti-fungal, antibiotics and these substances accumulate in the fish flesh as well.

Not The Cheese!

Cheese is an amazing product when you think about it. It's probably one of the single best foods at compromising our health. Think about it, you have an animal product with all the issues of biological concentration. You have a highly processed food product, and not only does it have a lot of naturally saturated fat but, it's made with a whole lot of salt.

There is a strong link between dairy foods and autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis and type one diabetes and other rheumatologic problems. So why is cheese so addicting? Because the casein (a protein that is the main protein in dairy products), breaks apart in the human digestion to create what is called casomorphins. From there these casein-derived, morphine-like compounds go to the brain and attach to the very same receptors that heroin attaches to. This protein that attaches to the receptors makes you come back again and again and again.


It seems strange that sites like Susan G. Komen don't have a huge warning about the dangers of consuming dairy on their website when there is a direct link to breast cancer. There was a study published for the National Cancer Institute that found out women consuming dairy who have had breast cancer, increases their risk of dying of breast cancer by 49%. Susan G. Komen's ribbon campaign had done a lot to raise awareness for breast cancer. Although, it was confusing to see pink ribbons on dairy yogurt containers.

Drugs In Our Food!??

That we know of, there are at least 450 different drugs that are administered to animals, either alone or, in combination. These drugs are given to animals for a variety of reasons, very few of which are actually beneficial to consumer's health. The pharmaceutical industry sells 80% of all the antibiotics that it makes in the United States to animal agriculture. Although they are tested on animals to see what impacts they have on them, they are not really testing to see what the impacts of these drugs have on humans.