Kat’s Cleanse Care is made with:
-Chapparel Leaf-
Kills parasites in the body, cleanses the blood & digestive system, and is an anti-inflammatory 

-Chickweed Leaf-
Packed with minerals and antioxidants, prevents inflammation, alleviates respiratory problems, balances bacteria in the gut, and aids digestion

-Nettle Leaf-
Anti-inflammatory for eczema & arthritis, and relieves pain & hay fever

-Oregon Grape Root-
Cleanses the blood of toxins, boosts immune system 

-Red Clover-
Reduces hypertension, boosts immune system, full of antioxidants, balances hormonal shifts, and lowers cholesterol levels

-Cayenne Pepper-
Boosts metabolism, reduces hunger, lowers blood pressure, aids digestive health & pain

Kat’s Cleanse Care